General Terms and Conditions

By placing an order with, you agree to be bound by the following general terms and conditions. By registering online and subsequently placing orders, you accept all the general conditions of this agreement, which legally bind you by contract with for all printing service requests, and you will be solely responsible for payment in full as indicated by this agreement. If you do not accept these General Terms and Conditions, do not browse any part of this site.

Budget Forecasts and Quotes

Quotes are valid for a period of 30 days. A quote that has not been accepted within 30 days may be subject to changes.

Payment Conditions

All orders must be prepaid for reasons of lead time. does NOT offer any credit terms and does not allow installment payments. I agree that the credit card I used will be used to prepay the orders I placed on the website. Since each project is custom-made for its owner, it cannot be reused or resold. Once the project enters production, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. In the event of a dispute or chargeback, the customer is responsible for the fees charged to by the company providing the services to settle the dispute in question. Right to Refuse reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse to print anything it deems abusive or known to be illegal. We are not responsible for damages resulting from unintentional violation of copyright laws or unlawful use of trade names or slogans. The customer warrants the legal nature of all projects submitted to for printing and/or publication.

Accuracy of Quotes

Quotes are based on the accuracy of the information provided. may reassess the quote for a project at the time of submission if it does not correspond to the information on which the initial quote was based. Orders placed on are, to the customer's knowledge, correct, and there are no conditions or agreements relating to the order that are not in writing or attached to said order.

Modifications and/or Corrections

You cannot modify your layout after it has been sent. If you need to make changes to your order, you must call to cancel said order and resend the appropriate layout by placing a new order.


The liability of is limited to the agreed sales price with the customer for any defective merchandise, and in no event shall it include special, consequential, indirect, or similar damages, including, without limitation, loss of profits. warrants that each product manufactured by said entity complies with industry standards for said product and is free from any material manufacturing defects. IT IS EXPRESSLY AGREED THAT THIS WARRANTY IS IN LIEU OF ALL WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND SALE. does not offer any other warranty, and no action or statement by or its officers, employees, or agents constitutes a warranty.

Electronic Manuscript Images

It is solely the customer's responsibility to retain a copy of the original files, layouts, and slides. is not responsible for accidental loss and/or damage to the media provided by the customer or errors found on the layouts sent by the customer. Until can evaluate the digital input, no action or promise will be made regarding our ability to work with projects submitted in digital format, and no liability is incurred regarding issues that may arise. Any translation, modification, or additional programming required for the use of files sent by the customer will be charged at the prevailing rate. does not retain your project for longer than necessary to produce the final product. Please back up your project.

File Verification

The file verification option includes checking the format to ensure that the size meets the purchased product. Our graphic designers also verify that the production files have bleed areas and that the safety margins, trim lines, and print areas are within standards. We check that the elements of the file are prepared in CMYK. This option also includes checking the resolution of photos to ensure good rendering. Please note that some elements are not checked by our team when the file verification option is chosen. For example, checking for overprint options, transparencies, masked layers, spelling, grammatical errors, and typographic rules.


The customer declares that they have the legal right to produce all printed documents ordered from In the event that a claim, complaint, arbitration, action, or proceeding (collectively referred to as "Claim") is made or brought against based on the alleged unlawful acts of customers, relating to or arising out of such acts, or alleging that the printing performed or the product manufactured by ordered by the customer: (a.) infringes any copyright, patent, or other property right of any person; or (b.) contains defamatory, slanderous, scandalous, or obscene elements, the customer shall indemnify and hold harmless from and against any loss, damage, cost, and expense resulting from or related to the claim, including, without limitation;
(1.) defending against such Claim
(2.) paying any judgment or decision against the customer, and
(3.) reimbursing for all legal fees and expenses incurred in response.

Exceedances and Shortages routinely provides the exact quantity of ordered merchandise plus a small surplus. No additional charges are applied for the surplus. This surplus is usually used to compensate for the variable consistency of the industry standard in terms of cutting or colors. The generally accepted business practice is plus or minus 10%. In the event of a shortage exceeding 10%, will invoice for the actual quantity delivered.

Order Cancellation

Cancellation of an order is not guaranteed. Orders that have not yet been processed may be canceled in exchange for a store credit for the same amount. This credit is applicable to all products available on Once the order is in production, it is no longer possible to cancel.

Proof Approval

Once you have approved the visual proof, your decision is final. Although we take great care in verifying your proof, it is the customer's responsibility to ensure that all information is correct (spelling, texts, information, images, etc.). We cannot be held responsible for any errors detected after approval of the proof. If you wish to make changes to approved templates, additional charges may apply.

Manufacturing Warranty

We guarantee that all orders are free from manufacturing defects. If an order does not meet generally recognized trade standards, we will reproduce the order or refund the customer, at our sole discretion.

Inkjet Proofs

Inkjet and laser prints are known to be of better quality than offset printing. We offer a fast and low-cost service by printing to a "pleasing color" standard, using standard ink densities. There is no guarantee that the project you have completed will be identical to the one printed. This is due to varying results depending on different printing devices, including inkjet printers, continuous tone proofing devices, and film proofs. No refund or credit will be granted for a printed order that does not match your inkjet proof.

Dispute and Jurisdiction

For legal reasons, the competent jurisdiction for any dispute will be that of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Production Time

Please note that cannot guarantee the estimated production times for all products sold on Although our team does everything possible to meet the indicated production times, cannot be held responsible if these times are longer than expected.

Shipping and Delivery

Shipping/delivery costs for prints and supplies from are not included in the quotes, unless otherwise stated. Since we cannot control carriers such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, or others, is not responsible for delays and/or damages occurring during transport. A notification of project completion is sent to the customer as soon as the carrier takes charge of the package at the shipping point. We are not responsible for delays or damages once your order is taken over by the carrier. In cases where the customer has entered the delivery address incorrectly or changed the original delivery address, the customer will be responsible for paying the additional fees charged by the various delivery/courier companies at cost plus 5%, as well as administrative fees of $85.00 per hour.

Delivered Quantity reserves the right to charge 10% more or less than the ordered quantity, depending on the quantities delivered.

Return Policy

As each order is unique and has no resale value, all sales are final.


Claims regarding defects, damages, or missing items must be submitted by the customer in writing no later than 5 calendar days after delivery. If no claim is submitted, and the customer will assume that the project sent has been accepted. By accepting the project, the customer acknowledges that the execution by has fully satisfied all general conditions and specifications.

Changes to Our Policy may change, modify, add, or remove elements of this policy at any time, and all changes will take effect immediately upon publication.